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But a lot of people are just. Buying into it. And the reason being is because our SUN is bringing us into the higher essences.

Santos Bonacci - MrAstrotheology

The higher consciousnesses. And therefore we refuse to go back.

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We can only climb up now. Santos Bonacci youtube.

Vedic vs. Tropical Astrology explained by Santos Bonacci

Santos Bonacci astronomy astrology physics science earth energy. Part 1 Part 2. I can't believe I'm just discovering him Santos Bonacci trill swag omg. Reclaiming Dominion Santos Bonacci truth magic truth seeker lightworker. Santos Bonacci Reclaiming Dominion. Santos Bonacci syncretism knowledge and wisdom science enlightenment Victoria Vives.

Jordan Maxwell santos bonacci radio interview history law sovereignty science astro-theology wisdom knowledge astronomy astrology philosophy humanity.

Advanced natal chart

Santos Bonacci: Astrotheology Presentation. I love santos bonacci. The Law. Do you think you know history? Irene Maus Hollywood freedom humanity law santos bonacci sovereignty Marc Hollywood dominion system research powertothepeople. The problem I have though is that this is more spiritual philosophy than it is science.

I'd say his toroid representation is interesting but I don't see it as proof that the earth is flat at all. I'm going to link a video done by a couple of dudes which proves The Coriolis Effect is real and that the earth is a sphere. I'll also ask you to do a thought experiment. But first, we know that the northern hemisphere viewers of the night sky see Polaris while The Southerners see The Southern Crux.

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Now imagine this: 4-people standing at degree angles on opposite sides of a flat plain with their backs to eachother. On a flat earth, ALL 4 would see different stars! The fact that each hemisphere's viewers see Polaris if in the north and The Southern Crux if in the south proves the earth isn't a flat plain. Look, if asking me if the El-ite rulers of the world are corrupt as fcuk you're going to get a definite yes from me although not all of these elites are corrupt but probably most of them are. Why are they corrupt, IMO? Because they are not who they say they are!

They are not what they appear to be! And it's here you will find the true conspiracy on this earth. For the record, I call them Gnostic Archons and they are the result of what's known as the demiurge.

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And BTW. Ford the demiurge succeeded in outmanuervering Delos the corporatocracy which funds the park and gets one of his creations out into the real world. The most interesting storyline to me was the experimentation on the human visitors to the park who were being mass profiled which resulted in the failure of being able to alter human character or fate.

That story line argued pessimistically for a type of hopeless predetermination. Obviously the show wouldn't be an exact representation of my views but between it and shows like The Matrix we do get to see a fairly good representation of Gnostic cosmology. To me the primary issues comes down to whether the cosmos and gnosticism is nondual Kabballah or inherently dualistic in that the transcendent God of Gnosticism Abraxas?

Vedic vs. Tropical Astrology explained by Santos Bonacci

My neverending thanks and good energy for your support! About Santos Bonacci - MrAstrotheology. For over 30 years, I have been studying the ancient works, researching, compiling and translating the texts to produce an easier to understand compendium of AstroTheology. This information has been brought together in a network of media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and The Universal Truth School Website, where Santos' Syncretic music and products are also available.

About Santos

Thank You for supporting the creation of videos, texts, my upcoming book and my Hz music, Your patronage is very much appreciated for the support of Astrotheology and Syncretism. For the ongoing support of the study of Syncretism, Syncretic Hz music, and the publication of my book about Syncretism. Recent posts by Santos Bonacci - MrAstrotheology.